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Legacy Of Brutality is a Death Metal band formed in the Asturian village of Puerto de Vega at the end of 2006. The band is formed up by Simón García (Vocals), Borja Suárez (Guitar), Jaime Méndez "Yoye" (Guitar), Gonzalo González "Lalo" (Bass guitar) and Javier Fernández "Pity" (Drums).


   Demon 2007: We´ll tear your soul apart


                After several concerts through the north of Spain, a self-published and entirely recorded by the band demo sees the light of day under the title of Demon 2007: We´ll tear your soul apart. It was notably welcomed among both audience and press. During that year, they shared the stage with bands such as Avulsed, Human Mincer, Sound of Silence or Possession.


                 Land of empty graves


                In 2008 they began recording what would soon become their first EP titled Land of empty graves, which would be published in October 2009. That year the band performed for the first time in SWR Barroselas Metal Fest in Portugal, sharing the stage with bands like Sodom, The Haunted, Origin or Gama Bomb.

                There are two different versions of the aforementioned Land of empty graves. The first one came out through KTC records label. In this edition, the mix and master was made by the producer Brian Elliot (Cannibal Corpse, Exhumed, Vital Remains...) at Mana Studios in Florida (U.S.A.), property of Erik Rutan (Hate eternal, ex-Morbid Angel). The second one, released by RALM Records record label, is a special edition that included more songs and featured a different design and mix. Henrik Larsson (producer of Amon Amarth, Vomitory, The Haunted...) collaborated also in the MCD crating the instrumental intro.


                 Path of forgotten souls


                At the end of 2010 the band started recording its first album.

                Path of forgotten souls, comes out in February 2011.

                Due to the invaluable collaboration of Chez García (Avalanch, Alquimia), this album introduced keyboards in some pieces. The album got to be referenced in many international media (Greece, Canada, Germany, Turkey, U.S.A...) and Spanish media (RockZone, Rock Estatal...), always with excellent reviews.

                Henrik Larsson recorded the album’s intro, as he did before with Land of empty graves,.

              In 2011, the song Rebirth of the ancient cult was chosen to be included in the compilation CD For the Headbangers: brutal new music Sampler Volume one, where bands as Hatebreed, Overkill, Kingdom of sorrow or High on Fire also appeared. Published through Earache records, Eone & Stillborn records, the album was distributed for free at the Mayhem fest and the Ozzfest in U.S.A.

During 2011 and the beginning of 2012 the band kept on performing, playing at music Festivals like Resurrection Fest, Luarca Metal Fest and, once again, at SWR Barroselas Metal Fest, sharing the stage with other bands like Malevolent Creation, Meshuggah, The Black Dahlia Murder, Severe Torture, Hypocrisy, Asphyx, Immortal, Decapitated, Dagoba, Hate Eternal or Candlemass.


Ad bellum


In March of 2012 they released a dual disc called Ad bellum, consisting of a full concert and another CD containing unpublished songs, mastered by Dan Swanö (Edge of sanity, Bloodbath, Opeth, Marduk...) at Unisound Studios in Sweden. This work was published through the band’s own record label Chief Records with distribution by Pathologically Explicit Recordings (Dementor, Insatanity...).         

At the end of this year, Javier is nominated to the Amas Awards in the best drummer category and the band collaborated in a Spanish tribute CD to the mexican band Brujería.

  In March of 2014 Javier received the best drummer award in the Amas after being nominated for a second time. Borja was also nominated in the best guitar player category that year.




At the end of 2014 they released his second LP titled Giants, recorded once again by the band’s bass player Gonzalo "Lalo" and released through Chief Records. Giants was nominated for best album in the Amas Awards and was granted the best album prize chosen by the audience of the radio program Diario de un Metalhead. It appeared too in the “best album of 2014” charts of media such as RockZone, Mondosonoro, etc.

                During 2015 the band performed Giants several times and "Lalo" is nominated to the Amas Awards in the best musical production category.


                WOA Metal Battle Spain


             After signing up for WOA Metal Battle Spain among 155 other bands and making it through thefirst stages, the band wins the northern semi-final in February 2016, eventually getting to the finals inBarcelona. Is in that final, which was held in May, where Legacy of brutality were declared champions,granting them a one-way ticket to Wacken representing Spain in the international final of W.O.A. MetalBlattle 2016, playing on the W.E.T. Stage of Bullhead City Circus before more than 5.000 attendees.

In 2017, after their performance in Wacken Open Air, the band takes part in the videogame Metal tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods of Nuberu Games, giving the company the use of the song The whipand the chain, from his last album Giants.

In that same year, they performed several concerts with Obituary, Dark Funeral or Mayhem among others, playing again in music festivals such as Resurrection Fest and SWR Barroselas Metalfest. Also in 2017, Lalo is nominated to the Amas Awards in the best cover and design category and he wins the best musical production award.


Realm Of the Banished Gods


At the end of autumn they start writing and recording their new album, which will be mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios in Sweden in march 2018.

The artwork was painted by Czech artist Tomas Honz & released in May 2019 through Hecatombe Records & No human records.

The band is currently book new dates for 2020.


Other interesting facts about the band members:


  • Simón, besides of had collaborated with Cathexia, Rise of fury y Sound of silence, ha has recently took part as guest Singer in the last Carnivorous voracity album, Released trough the japanese label Amputated Vein Records. In 2016 he is asked to take part in the Dark Death metal proyect The ominous circle, recording the band’s debut Appalling ascension, edited in Europe by Osmose records and in U.S.A. by 20 buck spin.
  • Lalo has been the musical producer of Legacy of Brutality from its foundation to the present, but he has already worked in other productions for Rise of fury, Lugubrious, Soldier, Bloody Brotherhood or Pyrexia.
  •  Javi and Lalo are currently members of the band Cathexia. They’ve recorded an EP and, more recently, an LP, released in november 2018. Previously he had also been an active member in The last twilight and Sound of silence with who he recorded an EP, an LP, a live concert and two albums, as well as giving a great number of concerts